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100% organic Aloe Vera extract. Raw & Organic
16 oz, pack of 6
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  • 100% organic Aloe Vera extract. Raw & Organic                                                       
  • Tranquility flavor: You will get a sense of calm and refreshment with every sip of Tranquility Tea as it consists of 100% organic Aloe Vera extract, which has numerous health benefits, like aiding detoxification, digestion, and immune system support. 
  • Weight loss: Raw & Organic Kombucha is one of the most powerful all-natural weight loss supplements today, it promotes an increased metabolism and helps maintain healthy weight.
  • Powerful probiotics: Each bottle of B-Tea Kombucha features a unique blend of healthy probiotics to enhance digestion and increase internal health.
  • Delicious taste: The only thing that can be better than a drink that's good for you, is the one that tastes equally delicious, a naturally carbonated tea, our blend of all-natural ingredients is light and refreshing, it's also certified kosher.
  • 100% Natural: Unlike similar brands that use sugars, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, our formula is all-natural, organic and gluten-free.
  • Increased Mental Sharpness: B-Tea Kombucha actually makes you more focused, increases your energy, improves your memory, and positively affects your mood, now imagine drinking it daily.
  • Detox: Kombucha tea really helps in detoxifying your body. This outstanding drink contains helpful acids that bind with toxins and remove them from your body.
  • Sense of Well-Being: Imagine feeling yourself in harmony with your body and your life, Kombucha tea brings you this feeling on top of nutritional value that you receive from it.
  • Beverage of the future: Widely used in Ancient Asia, today Kombucha is rediscovered by the whole world and becoming an everyday thing, while modern science studies confirm its nutritional value.
  • Prebiotic content: Kombucha tea contains prebiotics, helpful things that you do not digest so that when they pass your digestive system, they improve your immune system from the heart of it - your belly by promoting the growth of vital micro-organisms.
pack 6
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Short description 100% organic Aloe Vera extract. Raw & Organic

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