How to meet a girl or a man? Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies, meeting new people have become much easier than it used to be and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to find your better half! Queries like “How to find a girl of my dreams?” or “How to meet a good man?” are quite popular nowadays, and at first sight, it seems that answers to them are obvious – just open a few dating sites that work and start looking for your fate. But, in fact, it sounds more like a fairytale. And in real life, everything is a bit more complicated. Your perfect girl and perfect man are a little further than a few clicks away from you, but in this article, we will give you 3 scientific rules to improve the effectiveness of your search and prove that online relationships are real!

Do Online Relationships Work In Real Life?

Everyone decides for himself. Someone thinks that online relationships are stupid, someone would say that online relationships are not real, while someone claims that his happy marriage started as virtual relationships. There is no specific answer to the question “do online relationships work out” because it depends on the person, his desire and efforts that he or she is ready to put to make this happen… But these four rules will help you to understand online relationships pros and cons and raise your chances to succeed in your Internet love affairs.

  1.  Don’t Look For An “Ideal” Person

When a person opens a dating site, he or she is looking for a certain type of a partner. We have some kind of an “image” of a “perfect guy” or “perfect girl” and we do our best to find someone who would fit this image. But, unfortunately, often, we do not quite understand what kind of a person we need for a romantic relationship.

The study, conducted in 2011, was aimed to prove that such approach is wrong. In the course of study, several people were asked what features their potential partner should have and they were supposed to find a person basing on these parameters on a dating site. But what happened when they met face to face? All of them didn’t feel any attraction to the chosen partner! This happens due to a few reasons: 1) many people don’t realize that they have no idea what qualities or traits their “perfect partner” should have; 2) on the Internet, many users tend to pretend to be better than they really are.

To avoid such disappointment you should not try to find an “ideal” person and, instead, give a chance to everyone who interests you!

  1.  Avoid Having Too Many Options

At any dating site, you can find hundreds of people in a matter of minutes, but you should try to make your list of options narrower.

Another study, conducted in 2011, had shown that people can’t stop on one particular candidature if they have too many options. And also, due to a wide variety of prospective partners, they often chose worse options. To avoid such trouble, limit the number of pages you can visit.

  1.  Make It Real

Online dating seems just perfect for unconfident people, but if you wait too long to meet face to face, you can ruin your relationship even before they begin.

Here’s the most important rule: arrange a real date after 3 weeks of e-flirting. Studies have shown that after this period of time the first impression is better, but note that if your online communication continues up to 6 weeks without a real date – the effect is opposite!